Mango Pickle in 100% Mustard Oil


The ever-reigning tropical king of fruits- mango, is a favorite among all generations across India. Delighting the taste buds for centuries now, mango gives a unique and savory experience to the connoisseurs of taste and freshness – from the tender and succulent dal (lentil curry) to the vibrant achaar (pickles). And Seven Star, is the only one to give you the perfect blend of all your culinary delights that seek authenticity and flavor!

Seven Star proudly presents its original Mango Pickle made with 100% Mustard Oil and No Vinegar- adding to the already present, exclusive and hand-crafted repertoire. Enjoy the historical legacy of traditional taste and expertise, made with the freshest of ingredients and the choicest of ingredients, hence ensuring that every bite into it is nothing short of perfection.

Mango, the quintessential Indian fruit, is one that brings a wave of nostalgia with its name. Popularly used in dals, chutneys, achaars, and desserts; it’s a safe bet that when one hears the word ‘mango’ the first thought is of acche din or the good days that are sure to follow. From the classic Mango Aam Ras to the spicy Mango Pickles, Seven Star, with its handcrafted variety of products, has made it possible to enjoy all of these with extra joy and flavor. The Seven Star Mango Pickle with its 100% Mustard Oil and No Vinegar is the perfect accompaniment for dishes such as Roti, Dal, Rice and much more.

mango pickle

Savory Ingredients of Seven Star Mango Pickle:

Ever heard of traditional Masala Chai without its special mix of spices? Well, in the same way, Seven Star Mango Pickle is incomplete without its genuine ingredients! Every hand-crafted jar of this luscious pickle brings along the perfect blend of you favorite mangos, select spices, and of course, 100% mustard oil- making it a quintessential part of any meal. Apart from the special ingredients, Seven Star takes advantage of modern-day technology to ensure that the pickle remains as fresh and wholesome- just as it was on the first day.

Aroma and Flavor of Seven Star Mango Pickle:

Nothing makes a regular meal more inviting than the aroma of freshly cooked Seven Star Mango Pickle. This lovely pickle is made with the choicest of ingredients, and includes the traditional tangy taste, providing the classic mango experience. Moreover, it comes with a unique hint of the mustards oil that provides a special punch and makes this pickle stand out from its counterparts.

Benefits of Using Seven Star Mango Pickle:

Mango Pickles are known for their therapeutic values and offer various benefits when consumed. Rich in Vitamins E and A, Seven Star Mango Pickle is one of the better known sources of Vitamin A and not only helps your body maintain healthy bones and teeth, but also has a positive effect on your eyesight. The natural preservative properties of the pickle are sure to make it a healthy addition to meals- and make sure your meal is enjoyed with delight.

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