Stuffed Red Chilli Pickle


  • 100% MUSTARD OIL

Stuffed red chilli pickle is a delicious Indian dish with its unique blend of spices, flavor and zest. Its unique taste gives it a unique place on the menu of Indian restaurants and households around the world. It is one of the most popular pickles in India and is often made with red chillies to provide a strong flavor. From its humble upbringing as a condiment for vegetables to a much-loved side dish at meals and celebrations, it has evolved over the centuries to become a must-have dish for many households.

A stuffed red chilli pickle is a great accompaniment to any meal. It can be eaten as a side dish, condiment, or even as a dip. Stuffed chillies can also be used as a stuffing for sandwiches and tacos. If you’re feeling creative, you can also use the pickles to top off your favourite salads.


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